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Vana Necklace

Vana Necklace

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Introducing the VANA, a mesmerizing piece of sacred jewelry that will leave you in awe. This intricately designed heirloom piece is hand casted with precision and love to ensure its authenticity and individuality for each customer. This elegant prayer pendant embodies both strength and protection. 

Vana, a Sanskrit word for "forest". The artfully crafted Vana amulet captures the enchanting energy of the legendary forest in Vrindavan, India. Every night, this ancient site serves as the sacred space for Lord Krishna and the Gopis to dance and sing their prayers. Often referred to as the ‘Tulsi Forest’, this sacred spot has become the cornerstone of this jewelry design. Representing the spirituality of the sacred forest, the Vana amulet carries with it a powerful, divine message for those who wear it.

Approx. Weight 17 grams | Dimensions 33mm wide 11mm tall | 18" chain

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