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Definition: Kavacha (n.) - Armor

Kavacha Designs are your “Sacred Armor®” that allow you to wear your prayer and most cherished sentiments close to your heart.

The vision comes from a spiritual tradition; Kavacha Designs originates in ancient Vedic roots. Each Kavacha is designed and handcrafted with the finest materials including, 14K and 18K gold, sterling silver, and precious stones. Our modern heirloom designs represent a sacred armor, which safeguards your well being. The word Kavacha translates to armor in sanskrit. Wear your prayer inside each of the Kavacha amulets. Similar to a locket, you can hold precious memories, prayers, hopes, and dreams around your neck and close to your heart.

Inspired by our antique amulets, nature, hardware, and architectural features, Kavacha Designs’ collection is masculine, modern, ethnic, and elegant. The wide design range appeals to everyone – dainty pendants to large ethnic amulets. They are all perfect for anyone’s personal style.

Every Kavacha’s amulet opens, for a sacred space to hold anything special to you – a handwritten prayer, a lock of hair, sand from a special beach, dust from a holy place, even a loved one’s ashes. In her personal collection, Jayashri has held dust from Vrindaban, India, handwritten mantras, a lock of hair from her daughter’s first haircut and hair from her horse’s mane.

What will you hold in your Kavacha?

See a piece you love, but want to make it even more personal? We will collaborate with you to customize a design specifically for you.

Jayashri Triolo founded Kavacha Designs in 2017 after wearing beautiful amulets she collected for over 30 years from India. Inspired by her spiritual path, Jayashri wanted to create heirloom pieces of excellent quality and detail with the intention each piece would be handed down for generations. When wearing your Kavacha, you are protected by your “Sacred Armor®” giving your earthly passion reverence in your daily life.

Jayashri is an artist and designer who studied fine arts at Columbus College of Art And Design. During this time she found her connection on the path of Bhakti Yoga. Her passion to create is where she has always found her peace. Her commitment to her art is where she finds her life’s purpose. From visual art to jewelry design, Jayashri’s goal is to cultivate devotion and a purpose for living for her patrons.