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Kerala Pave Necklace

Kerala Pave Necklace

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Introducing the Kavacha Amulet - a stunning piece of intention jewelry designed to elevate your aura and style. This small hexagon shaped pendant is crafted with sterling silver, featuring luxurious pave lab-grown diamond ends that sparkle endlessly in every light.

Drawing inspiration from an antique South Indian Tawiz belt, this small hex shaped keepsake amulet is a beautiful piece of protection jewelry. This particular pendant allows the wearer to keep their cherished one’s ashes close to their heart, bringing blessings and spiritual security. Aside from this neck adornment, This delightful piece is only one of the many captivating designs in the Kavacha designs collection, allowing its users to adorn themselves while paying tribute to their loved one.

Approx. Weight 14 grams | Dimensions 37mm wide 7mm tall | 18" chain

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