Kavacha Designs | Sacred Armor® Fall | Winter Collection is a selected of 13 styles. The first style, the lion (Narasimha) amulet is the first design ever created by founder and designer Jayashri Triolo. It sets the tone for the vision, the collection, and the sacredness the brand.

The lion represents Narasimha who is one of the most powerful manifestations of Lord Maha Vishnu, and is known to be fierce, to fight and remove all that is evil and as a result protect all his worshipers from every negative aspect of life. He is regarded as the embodiment of victory of good over evil. Narasimha Kavacha Mantra is a mantra for protection from the evils of the world. The literal meaning of Kavacha is armor or breast plate that the soldiers wear during wars to protect their bodies from the deadly weapons. In the same manner, the Narasimha Kavacha acts as a protective shield to safeguard one’s welfare.
The other 12 styles are a mix of masculine and feminine designs. Consciously selecting small medium and large styles in both vertical and horizontal orientation, something for everyone. A diverse collection. All styles come in sterling silver, 14k and 18k gold.